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Marcus Bonna Tenor Trombone Case: Compact


Item Details

This is a lightweight fiberglass case for tenor trombone and mute made by Marcus Bonna in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The case has a different shape than others, to allow storage of a mute inside the trombone's bell.  The resulting placement of the bell flare away from the end of the case end gives it very sleek profile.  The size and weight of the Compact are about the same as the Marcus Bonna Light case, which does not have room for a mute.  This case is available with wheels for a small up-charge.  See the additional page about the wheeled case for prices and options.

The pictured royal blue case has the wheeled option, but the interiors are the same.

The only drawback of this case is that not every tenor trombone will fit, and many of those that do will require some additional disassembly for travel.

The pictured trombones:

  • Getzen/Edwards Axial with crook removed
  • Conn 88HNV compact wrap
  • Conn 88HO - last two photos - too long, doesn't fit even with crook removed


Short story...

  • These don't fit because the outside F-att. tubes extend past the main tuning slide bow.
      • Conn 88HO, 88HCL (Lindberg), Kanstul 970/1570, Miraphone 6500/6600, Shires Trubore, Willson 411.


Long story...

  • Any straight tenor trombone with 7" to 8.5" bell should fit fine.
      • Examples: Bach 8/12/16, King 2B/3B, Yamaha Z
  • Any compact or traditional wrap F-attachment trombone should fit.
      • Examples:  Conn 88H or Bach 36B/42B (closed wrap), Courtois 420B, King 607F/3BF/4BF, XO1236, Williams 7, Yamaha 446/620/640
  • Some trombones with open wrap F-attachment, given two things:
      • When the F crook is removed, the remaining F tubes on the trombone body don't extend past the main tuning slide bow.
      • To place these trombones in the case, each time you remove the F slide and place it inside a pouch elsewhere in the case.  The pouch is shown in the second photo.  Solutionism:  keep a rag nearby to wipe it off, and use not-so-messy slide lubricant.
      • Examples:  Adams TB1, Bach 36BO/42BO/42BOF, Bach 42A/42AF/42T, Courtois 420BO, Edwards Alessi, Getzen 1047F/3047AF, Kanstul 1570T, Yamaha 882O/882OR, Shires rotary or axial. XO 1236-O
  • These trombones don't fit:
      • Conn 88HO, 88HCL (Lindberg), Kanstul 970/1570, Miraphone 6500/6600, Shires Trubore, Willson 411


Backpack straps and a shoulder strap are included, as well as removable interior pads and a double mouthpiece pouch.

The Bonna case cover is easily removed for cleaning, repair or replacement, making this a lifetime case.  We often stock these in black nylon, though we can offer a case in any single or two-tone combination of colors in either nylon or leather at your request.  Carbon fiber shells can be had upon request, saving about 1/2 pound in weight.  Thankfully we haven't tested until the point of failure.  These cases are designed for use as hand luggage.  We don't recommend use of this case for air travel checked baggage service.

Weight: 10.90 lbs in nylon, including all the accessories


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