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Conn French Horn Parts

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Here are a variety of parts for Conn double horns.

Photo 1 & 2: Flipper.  The flipper is a folding hand rest to reduce strain on your left hand.  It is soldered on your horn by your favorite repair tech so that your left first finger is adjacent to the rest.  Includes hex wrench.

Photo 3: Finger Hook.  The adjustable finger hook replaces the fixed hook found on most horns, making the grip more comfortable for players with smaller hands.  Installed by your favorite repair tech.  Includes hex wrench.

Photo 4: Pre-Ohio 4th valve lever screw, for Abilene era 8D

Photo 5: End nut for above

Photo 6 & 7: 8D rotor caps, Ohio style

Photo 8 & 9: V8D rotor caps, lacquered brass

Photo 10: Fixed finger hook

Photo 11: Rotor spindle screw

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