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Josef Klier Exclusive Horn Mouthpiece


Item Details

Josef Klier manufactures an extensive line of brass instrument mouthpieces in their factory near Erlangen, Germany.  This selection of sizes was recommended to us by Andrew Bain of the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  These mouthpieces are finished in silver plate.  European shank size fits most double horns.  Other shanks and finishes are available by special order.

Cup Width

  •     1 18.0 mm
  •     2 17.5 mm
  •     3 17.0 mm
  •     4 16.5 mm

Cup Depth

  •     A very deep
  •     B very deep
  •     C deep
  •     D medium
  •     E shallow
  •     F very shallow

K and M style Cups

The M series is distinguished by a brilliant sound with clear timbre. It is made possible by a more round and flat cup. In contrast, the somewhat deeper cone-shaped cup of the K- series supports a classic dark timbre. Furthermore the rims are more rounded.

These are the standard sizes we try often stock - see the drop-down menu for current selection available.


  •     1BK
  •     1CK
  •     1DK
  •     1FK
  •     2BK
  •     2CK
  •     2DK
  •     3BK
  •     3CK
  •     3DK
  •     4BK
  •     4CK


  • 01DM
  • 1BM
  • 1CM
  • 1DM
  • 2BM
  • 2CM
  • 2DM
  • 3BM
  • 3CM
  • 3DM

History of Josef Klier

Our family enterprise has its origins in Graslitz in the Sudetenland. This town is considered the cradle of the music instrument manufacturing. There, the development of this whole branch of industry started. Already back in 1669 twelve violin makers were working in Graslitz. At the outbreak of World War II 300 firms existed employing altogether 3,000 craftsmen making musical instruments.

In Graslitz Ignaz Klier founded an enterprise which produces parts of musical instruments and mouthpieces for brass instruments.

Josef Klier, who gave today’s enterprise his name, took over the firm. In 1946, during the expulsion of the Sudeten Germans, machinery, material and tools needed to be left behind in Graslitz. Only at the cost of great sacrifices was Josef Klier able to relaunch production in the rooms of a monastery at Birkenfeld in 1948.

Roland Klier, together with his father Josef, became involved in expansion of the production of mouthpieces. The high quality of the new mouthpieces and the familie’s intensive contacts with the soloists of the Bamberg symphony orchestra, predominantly former members of the German Philharmonic Orchestra of Prague and musicians from Carlsbad and Silesia, lead to rapidly increasing sales. Josef and Roland Klier decide to move the enterprise to a new and larger production facility in Diespeck.

Roland Klier took over the management of the family enterprise. Under his leadership the selection of mouthpieces was widened and continuously refined according to the wishes of the musicians. After his studies of machine construction, Jürgen Klier joined the company in 1986. Already now, in addition to the traditional production methods the most modern CNC-technology is used to produce mouthpieces.

Jürgen Klier with his wife Birgit Klier took over management.

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