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CC Tubas

The CC tuba is about 16 feet long, slightly shorter than the BBb, and generally has a faster response and a clearer centered tone.  This is the standard instrument in American orchestras, and most players looking to attend a conservatory in the US will look to owning a CC tuba.  A CC tuba most often has 5 valves, which will allow low F, a commonly played note, to be right in tune.  Four valve CC tubas may require a bit of slide pulling.

Fall 2022
I have a selection of German CC tubas from classic to modern: Alexander 163, Perantucci PT6, Miraphone 291 Bruckner, Gronitz PCK. 
Other Miraphone and Gronitz CC tubas are built to order in 30-90 days.  For B&S/Melton CC, contact Buffet USA.

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