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American Plating Trombone Cleaning Rod

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2020:  We keep these rods in stock but we do not ship them due to frequent damage by the Post.

This is a steel rod for cleaning trombone slide tubes. This is used specifically to clean the tubes of the outside slide.  A slot in one end of the rod lets the user attach some cleaning cloth to wrap around the rod.  Then the rod is carefully inserted into each outside slide tube to remove dirt and grime.  Common cleaning materials used with this rod include: cheesecloth, other cloth or small rag, or a piece of Scotchbrite pad.  Whatever you decide to use, beware that what goes into the slide tube must come out.  You needn't fit things too tightly, since a cleaning rod stuck inside a slide tube can cause anger and frustration. 

Our favorite way to do it is to cut a long piece of cheesecloth, at least several inches longer than the slide tubes.  Slip one end through the rod's slot for a few inches, then wrap the long end of your cheesecloth around the rod towards the other end.  Then you can slide the rod inside the tube without scratching.  Beware the metal end of the rod, and be gentle as it approaches the slide crook.  Many a player have damaged a slide crook with overenthusiastic use of a cleaning rod.

Slide-O-Mix offers an excellent trombone slide cleaning system which includes rod, flexible brush, and a terrycloth sheath.  The sheath is available separately and works perfectly with this Superslick cleaning rod.  The advantages of the sheath are:

  • protective end prevents damage to the slide crook
  • full coverage of the rod  to prevent scratching
  • long length prevents possibility of a stuck rod
  • machine washable
  • long lasting
  • price competitive with cheesecloth

For cleaning the slide end crook or the inside slide tubes, we recommend a flexible cleaning snake.  Because of the tapered mouthpipe and receiver inside the top slide tube, the road and sheath may not be as effective as a snake. 

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