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Besson USA 609 Bb Trumpet by Kanstul, Used


Item Details

This is a used Bb trumpet made by Kanstul Musical Instruments in Anaheim, California, for Besson.  The Besson model 609 was the basic model in the lineup so that Besson could offer trumpets to younger players.  Kanstul appreciated the orders so they could improve their style with larger production runs of the same instruments.  Made in USA student trumpets - that was another era.


  • .460" bore
  • 1-piece brass valve casings
  • Monel pistons with brass guides
  • Nickel outer slides and finger buttons
  • adjustable third slide ring
  • 2 water keys
  • 2-piece 4-7/8" brazed yellow brass bell
  • lacquer finish
  • Yamaha slide strap
  • Getzen lightweight case (a $79 value!)
  • Faxx 7C mouthpiece



Dents removed, small patch on piston ferrule, lacquer touch-up, cleaning and tune-up, all done by Paul Klintworth.  It looks and plays great, with a little lacquer wear and scarring near bell rim, some metal discoloration at piston casing. 

No serial number.  I think this was finished after production for Besson has stopped.  I purchased it from Kanstul directly and we rented it to a student for a little while.

Dents removed, piston ferrule patched, lacquer touched up, new pads and corks, cleaning and tune-up all done by Paul Klintworth, a technician of very high standards.

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