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Bach AC190 Artisan C Trumpet


Item Details

The Artisan C trumpet from Bach truly embodies old world style combined with modern craftsmanship. Reminiscent of the Mount Vernon era of trumpet manufacturing that made Bach the industry leader, this horn has a much higher attention to detail than even the Bach Stradivarius trumpet. Developed between Bach and Michael Sachs, principal of the Cleveland Orchestra, this is hand made in Elkhart, Indiana.

This particular Bach trumpet is new but has been on display, so it may have some tarnish and marks from handling.  It also includes a special price, and full warranty.


The Bach Stradivarius trumpet can be considered the custom trumpet, as numerous options are available, and they are built to order. The Artisan is made in one version (plus silver plate option), and is made to be the historical trumpet. Few Artisan specifications are given, making exact comparisons to the Stradivarius trumpet somewhat difficult.

The Artisan bell is very special. The relatively light one-piece hand hammered bell features a wide French bead, which gives a more even response with more warmth and color to the sound. It is a superior design, and more difficult to make, hence its rarity. The bell has ornate engraving, more than nearly any other modern trumpet.

Other details include two-piece valve casings, which improve projection due to their more rigid nickel top end, enhanced radius ferrules to add weight and tonal stability, vintage bracing for a stress-free horn body, special 25 pipe to improve response. Both brass and nylon valve guides are included. Nylon tends to be quieter, but many players prefer the brass as they feel the resonance is improved. Even the third piston bottom cap has a tone enhancing extension (removable), so you can tell they sweated the details to get this right. The third slide stop is mounted further out to allow a longer throw than a standard Stradivarius trumpet.

How does it play? It's incredible. The Artisan was designed with the orchestral player in mind but it makes a nice solo horn as well. The Artisan has a large robust sound; it's dark, hearty, brilliant, obtuse but not overbearing, OK - stop it now. But really, the tone color is captivating. This horn truly harkens back to an era when trumpet building was an art form, and it's a distinctive looking instrument. Even the squared off bell bow is unusual and artful.

And finally, Bach includes a very compact double case with vintage styling and a faux alligator trim. (No faux alligators were injured in the making of this case.)

Included: double case and mouthpiece, two sets of valve guides


Each Artisan C trumpet is made with a one-piece hand-hammered yellow brass bell with a flat rim and special acoustic treatment in both material and manufacturing process resulting in a beautiful Bach Stradivarius sound with a larger core and a broader range of color. The two-piece valve construction with nickel balusters and brass casings harkens back to the construction techniques used by Vincent Bach when making classic Bach trumpets in New York City and Mount Vernon, New York. Monel pistons along with two sets of brass and plastic valve guides offer the player a choice in response and feel. The 3rd valve tone enhancing ring offers yet another choice in response. The 1st slide split ring, enhanced radius ferrules, sculpted bracing, and artistic engraving are all key contributors to the unique response while providing an unparalleled elegance in appearance. The silver-plate finish of the AC190S provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound. These features combined with a .462" large bore allow the player to produce a spectacular sound well suited for any concert hall.

Tech Specs

  • .462" large bore
  • 4-13/16" diameter one-piece hand-hammered bell with flat rim
  • Special acoustic bell treatment
  • Enhanced radius ferrules
  • Monel pistons
  • 2 sets of valve guides - brass/plastic
  • 1st slide split ring
  • 3rd slide pin stop
  • 3rd valve tone enhancing ring
  • Deluxe engraving
  • Silver-plate finish
  • C190DBL deluxe double case
  • Without mouthpiece


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