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BBb Tubas

CC Tubas

Eb Tubas

F Tubas


Tenor Tubas



Alexander 163

Large rotary Kaiser tuba custom built in Mainz, Germany.


Alexander 164 Kaiser

Traditional very large German Kaiser rotary tuba, custom built in very lightweight brass.

Gronitz PCM

Custom 4/4 piston CC handmade in Hamburg Germany.


Gronitz PCK

Custom 6/4 piston CC handmade in Hamburg Germany.  This is one of the great large orchestra tubas, and is an audition winner for many players.



The Cadillac of tubas, handmade by Peter Hirsbrunner in Switzerland.  Available in several piston or rotary 4/4 models.  The wait can be long, but this premier tuba is worth it.


Josef Lidl 702

Small rotary CC tuba with four valves made in the Czech Republic, featuring hand bent tubes and a great low range for a smaller instrument.


Miraphone 186

Classic full size 4/4 rotary tuba that's the standard in the industry.  This tuba can do anything from solos to large ensembles and will last you forever.


Miraphone 188

Classic model large bore 4/4 rotary tuba.  Very easy to play for a larger instrument, and its compact four loop wrap makes is comfortable for all sizes of players.


Miraphone 291 Bruckner

New model large rotary orchestral tuba with wide flare bell, .808" bore.


Miraphone 1291, 1292, 1293

New wide bell large bore piston tubas in three models, featuring a classic American tuba sound.