3704 Foothill Boulevard
LA CRESCENTA, California
4420 East Village Road
LONG BEACH, California
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Welcome to The Horn Guys

We offer the finest in brass instruments and accessories  



  Trumpets Trumpets  Trombones  


New Stuff

Marcus Bonna cases arrive mid-April, in time for tax day

Adams euphoniums and Prologue trumpets arrive March 27

We have Conn Vintage 1 and Constellation Bb trumpets

We have a new King Jiggs Whigham 2BLS model trombone with the new classic engraving and 3-piece balance weight $1929

Best Brass Mutes arrive late March

Alexander 103 double horns are here

Used Miraphone 186 BBb tuba $3900

Bach 42BO, 42A and 42AF are in stock


Special Pricing on Selected Discontinued or Dented Instruments

We have special discount pricing on these
instruments to make room for new stock.
Limited to supply on hand:

  • Conn 88HO      Trombone B-stock $2209

  • King 2102S      Trombone $2699

  • King 2103G      Trombone $1879

  • King 2103S      Trombone $2699

  • Yamaha YTR-8445S C Trumpet   $2195

  • Yamaha YBL-822G Tbn B-stock  $4469

  • Yamaha YBL-822G Tbn used A+ $3895

  • Getzen 3062AFR    Tbn B-stock  $4535

  • Getzen 4047DS      Tbn Closeout $2995


Trumpets in Long Beach

For the convenience of our SoCal clients, we have moved all our trumpets to our Long Beach showroom. Trumpet accessories are available at both locations.


The Woodwind Department Expands

After many years, our friends at Pedrini
Music in La Crescenta are retiring. 

We've agreed to stock woodwind
accessories for their local clients.

We now offer selected reeds for clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, and tenor sax.  We have Rico, Rico Royal, and Vandoren.  We also stock oboe and bassoon reeds, flip folders, and lyres.



See The Horn Guys Facebook Page for the latest updates.


We Now Carry Adams Brass

The Horn Guys now carries the exquisite line of Adams Trumpets and Flugelhorns. These instruments are made in the Netherlands and have superb intonation, clear projection, enormous power, great resonance and a warm glowing sound. We currently have a selection at both of our stores. For more information on Adams horns, please check out their website here: Adams Brass Instruments



Sale on B&S,
Hans Hoyer, & Meinl Weston

B&S, the esteemed German maker of many top brands, has been purchased by Buffet-Crampon.

We were able to buy much of the remaining stock from  the B&S USA import office before it closed, and we got fire sale pricing. 

Check the Daily Menu pages for a list!

Hans Hoyer Bloom model French horns at $5795

Meinl Weston 45SLP F tuba

B&S Sarastro model bass trombone

Many of these are show display models, but all are in flawless condition.



Yes, we offer financing for your new instrument


Josef Lidl Tubas

We offer 3/4 size rotary valve CC and BBb tubas from Josef Lidl in the Czech Republic.  These are excellent horns for those wanting a smaller, more portable tuba.  They're made the old way, with hand bent tubing and all hand spun bells.  They include a hard case, and the price is only $4400. 





We have new double Wagner tubas made by Jinbao for the Meister Hans Stauffer line of brass instruments.  They stand in Bb or F and are very decent players.  They are priced at pennies on the dollar compared to the finest European models:  $850





Click here for a photo essay of our Long Beach store.

We also have photos of the Long Beach and remodeled La Crescenta store on our Facebook page.



The pBone is here.  It's the first playable plastic trombone.  We offer them in red, blue, green, orange, white, yellow and purple.  Only $159 with mouthpiece and gig bag.
Endorsed by Jiggs Whigham.

Cheap, yes.  Cool, definitely.



  French Horns  Tubas  
  We specialize in fine brass instruments from the US and Europe for the professional, enthusiast, or student.    
  We feature artful custom cases that truly protect your instrument by Glenn Cronkhite and Marcus Bonna.    
  We offer a full line of mouthpieces from Bach, Schilke, Denis Wick, Ferguson, Greg Black, Giddings & Webster, GR, Josef Klier, Laskey, Warburton, Atkinson and Moosewood.    
  We sell the most beautiful mutes from Trumcor, Tom Crown, Ion Balu, Denis Wick, Charles Davis and Best Brass.    
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