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Trumpet and Cornet Technic 2nd Edition by Clifford Lillya, pub. Balquhidder


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Lillya’s 1962 revised version of the 1937 original, this classic beginner's Method was published by Balquhidder Music in 1997 under the supervision of Clifford Lillya.

Revised and augmented Second Edition, pub. 2000.

A summary of basic skills, applied music theory, orchestra and band routine, recital and chamber music literature.

The contents of this volume will serve as a superb guide to the education of the trumpeter-musician and a source of varied and necessary grounding for the technique.  Replete with dozens of cited sources and suggestions of related publications, it is designed to help the teacher and student handle and balance the many different aspects required in mastering the trumpet and its literature at the college level.

"Here, within easy reach, is material for daily use in the teaching studio.  The four divisions of the book (Basic Skills, Applied Music Theory, Orchestra and Band Routine, and Recital and Chamber Music Literature) suggest areas which must receive the attention of all students.  This revised and augmented version has been undertaken with the help of my former students who are now professionals in their own right, Rob Roy McGregor (Trumpet, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Balquhidder Music) and Dennis Horton (Professor of Trumpet, Central Michigan University; Elan Brass Impressions."
     --  Clifford P. Lillya

Clifford Lillya taught the trumpet at the University of Michigan for thirty-two years and established an exceptional studio whose graduates have filled important teaching and performing posts throughout the world. He was extraordinarily gifted in the art of teaching and his publications are carefully crafted to lead the student in a positive and creative journey to trumpet mastery.

Clarity of presentation is an essential element with different sizes of typeface and treatments like italics, boldface and regular make it easy to recognize different levels of instruction. The pedagogical content is strong and the student is encouraged along a path which leads to natural and confident playing.

BQ 13.  80 pp.

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