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Trumcor Lyric Stealth Mute for Trumpet


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This is a super lightweight mute with a great but diminutive sound.  It stays true to intonation very well, and is not stuffy like some other models. This practice mute is unique in that it responds evenly in all registers without compression or intonation distortion. It is designed for warming up or long periods of quiet practicing.  The resonance of this mute is truyly amazing.  It has a clarity of tone and liveliness that is unlike any other practice mute.  It's even more surprising considering the fiber construction.  It is a pleasure to play.  Volume is more than a Best Brass or Yamaha, but less than a Faxx or Bach mute.  It's about the same as a Bremner, but the feel of the Trumcor is much livelier.

Based on the classic Ted Griffith and Aulos designs, these finely made fiber mutes are considered top of the line for the professional player. From the TrumCor catalog:

TrumCor mutes are carefully hand-crafted with wood and a specially formulated resonant fiber material. They create a muted tone that is vibrant, warm and responsive. These mutes are durable, and the wide selection of sizes ensures a proper fit and excellent intonation. TrumCor mutes produce a beautiful sound, and at the same time preserve the unique timbre of the horn in all registers and at all dynamics.

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