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Miraphone M5050 Euphonium: Edition Model in Silver Plate with Gold Trim and Hard Case


Item Details

This is a professional compensating euphonium with large shank receiver, silver plated finish with gold plated small parts, hard case and mouthpiece.  Played and endorsed by Demondre Thurmon.

The Bb euphonium M5050 “Ambassador” Edition with its exclusive trimmings belongs, without the shadow of a doubt, to the upper echelon of the euphonium class, possessing a wonderful rich and clear tone with impeccable intonation. The shorter mouthpiece receiver, made from heavier material, eliminates any loss of the player’s air power on the way into the instrument. Concentrated air flow generates a gain in the projection potential of the euphonium as well as a tight, non-spreading sound throughout the dynamic spectrum. A reinforced bottom bow and first branch with the special protection cap results in the instrument having more stability and a more focused sound.

Detailed Information
Product Name Bb euphonium
SKU 34M505015000E10700
Model-number model M5050 Ambassador Edition
Tuning B♭
Intonation 443 Hz
Number of valves 4 (3R/1L)
Style 4th valve lock
Material in body yellow brass
Finish silver plated
Small parts gold plated small parts
Type of body protection guard with reinforcement
Bell diameter 310 mm (12,205 inch)
Material valve section nickel silver trimmings
Style valve section compensating
Type of valve vented valves for pressure compensation
Valve system Piston valves
Bore of valve section conical 15,5 - 16,2 mm (0,61 - 0,638 inch)
Drop catcher with drop catcher
4th valve position ergonomic handling of 4th valve (3rd valve slide closer to body)
Lyre holder with lyre holder
Leadpipe material Gold brass
Strap ring without strap ring
Type of mouthpipe heavy weight mouthpiece receiver
Water key water key on 1st and 3rd valve slide
With case/gigbag with case
instrument total height in mm 670 mm
Total weight instrument 4,70 kg / 10,36 lb
total weight in kg and lb 11,50 kg /25,36 lb
EAN 4046878126097

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