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Miraphone Hagen 494 4V Rotary BBb Tuba


Item Details

Miraphone introduces the new Hagen 494 BBb tuba.  Joining the larger Hagen 495, 496 and 497 models, the 494 features a .740" bore, four rotary valves and a 16.9" bell. Miraphone calls it the 3/4 size Hagen ("three quarter size") but it looks pretty big to me...just not as big as the other Hagens. The 494 has a vertical tuning slide like the 282 and 191 BBb models and a fairly wide bell throat, I bet it handles about like the median of those two. Still rotary, but a slightly faster taper than a 186.  Efficient but fluffier.  Beef.  Also looks a little like a Cerveny Piggy tuba to me, a little less piggy but those same proportions: wide bell throat, tall top bow.

Miraphone gig bag available separately. Care kit and TU19 mouthpiece is included.

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