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Miraphone 188 Rotary CC Tuba

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This is a classic design large rotary CC tuba from Miraphone.  This model has been popular for professional orchestra players for many years.  The great Tommy Johnson often used a 188, as do some of his colleagues.  The 188 is made of yellow brass with nickel trim, nickel leadpipe, and nickel bell kranz.  Included are lyre and carrying strap attachments.  Though it uses many of the parts from the similar 186, this horn has larger bows and bell, allowing a broader sound with less barking, a broader dynamic range, and a more open low range.  Also, the pitch is better, with an in-tune open E and first valve D with minimal slide pulling.  We offer this instrument with five valves in the right hand to satisfy the orchestral player who needs ease in playing the very low range.  New fifth valves in Miraphone tubas are tuned to the industry standard flat whole step.  All the valve linkages are totally silent.  No noise at all.  The nickel leadpipe is a new feature on this horn.  Earlier versions with the brass pipe were vulnerable to corrosion, because storing the tuba on its bell would allow water to pool in the lead pipe and corrode it.  The nickel pipe should have no such trouble.  While piston CC tubas seem to get all the airplay lately, we still sell quite a few rotary models, and this 188 is a best seller.  Compared to other German models, the price is reasonable, it still has a following in the professional world, and there is a liveliness of tone and projection due to the rotary setup that is hard to find elsewhere.  For a larger rotary CC, it has a compact body for easy transport, and a very nimble feel.  If you have to do everything on one horn, this is a contender.  This tuba has a medium 17.7" (450 mm) bell flare with kranz, and a medium-large .772" (19.6 mm) straight bore through the rotors.  It includes a TU23 (C4) mouthpiece, which has a wider diameter cup with a medium depth bowl for a fast response on this larger horn.  It is sold without case.  The 188 is also available in all gold brass, which gives an increased dynamic range, and a warmer, broader sound, with a minor decrease in projection and less coarseness of attack.  Essentially it sounds like a bigger tuba with minimal extra effort. 

Included:  Miraphone mouthpiece and lubricants

Shipping: $250 within the US 48, quote elsewhere

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