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Miraphone 186 Rotary CC Tuba

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The 186 CC is a the archetype for a great do-anything CC tuba.  It's Gene Pokorny's favorite, and it's perfect for so many reasons.  This 4-loop design has a compact body so it's easy to maneuver for all sizes of people.  The tuning slide can be adjusted with the right hand while playing.  The 5-valve design allows all notes in tune down to the fundamental pedal C.  The top-facing valve slides allow any additional tuning on the fly.  It's a nimble player, perfect not only for bands and orchestras, but also for the styles of playing you'll do in a college or music conservatory environment:  chamber music, brass ensemble, solos, recitals, jury exams.  You name it, the 186 does it well.  Newer models have slightly better pitch than those of the days of old, and they have a bit more projection before they get edgy.  The weightiness of tone of the new models can blend well with even very large tubas.

Includes mouthpiece.  Sold without case. 


From Miraphone

Model 86B (186 5V)

    bell diameter 450 mm (17,717 inch)
    with lyre holder
    rotary valves
    bore of valve section 19,6 mm (0,772 inch)
    spiral spring system
    nickel silver wreath
    mouthpiece TU21

Who won an audition on a Miraphone 186 CC tuba?

Oklahoma Symphony - won by Mark Mordue in 1973
Pittsburgh Symphony - won by Sumner Erickson in 1981
San José Symphony - won by Tony Clements in 1981
St. Louis Symphony - used by Gene Pokorny in 1st round in 1983
Jacksonville Symphony - Joseph Sellmansberger runner up in 1995


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