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Miraphone 186 Rotary BBb Tuba

$8,995.00 $10,337.00

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The Miraphone 186 is the epitome of BBb tubas and is the first choice of fine concert bands everywhere. Known throughout the world for its resounding tone and precise intonation, the 186 4/4 size has long been the standard of comparison for other BBb tubas and is the bestselling all-around model among rotary valve tubas. Well centered tone, stable, good projection and fast response are its characteristics.

.772" large bore, 17.7" bell, 40" height

Standard model is 4 valves, yellow brass body, nickel garland around bell rim.  Gig bag or hard case is optional.  You can see case options in the drop down menu.

Features lyre holder and strap rings, and its long tuning slide pitch is A440 for US bands and orchestras.  Includes TU29 mouthpiece and care kit.

Other unique features:  rotor caps have a tension adjustment screw so that never again will loose rotors plague you.  All linkages are high quality European Minibal. Baked epoxy lacquer finish.

Replacement parts are available from several sources in the US.

21.4 lbs.

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