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Miraphone 1291 Piston BBb Tuba


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This is a large piston valve BBb tuba made by Miraphone in Waldkraiberg, Germany.  Compared to the original standard models of tubas from Miraphone like the 186 and 188, this 1291 is a much larger instrument, and it's very satisfying to play. 

The compact size of the traditional size 186 and 188 tubas are due to their 4-loop wrap.  That means the main bugle of the tuba is looped 4 times.  This 1291 is a 3-loop tuba, and you can see how the body extends higher towards the bell flare, and how there are fewer bends.  In addition, the valve bore is larger, and the bugle expands much more throughout the instrument, meaning the bottom bow and bell throat are very large.  That's why Miraphone calls this size tuba a 5/4 (five quarter) size, even though its design is intended to be fairly compact for a large instrument.

This was Miraphone's first offering in an American style tuba.  Piston valves, a popular American adaptation, give that away, as does the large bell throat, reminiscent of a vintage Conn, Holton, or York tuba.  What you'll find is that a 1291 has a more velvety, broad, engulfing sound, and is less strident than the traditional taller and narrower German style rotary valve tubas.  The 1291's pistons themselves are very light compared to rotors, giving some added resonance that fills in an ensemble without overpowering it.

This tuba is sold without case, but Miraphone offers both the Winter hard case and their own soft case for it.  An MTS 1207V case is a perfect fit.  SKB 385W works as well.  Many clients choose a soft case by Glenn Cronkhite, which is made to fit this tuba exactly.  Please contact us directly if you seek something specific.

We usually stock the Miraphone 1291 in lacquer with 4 valves.  Silver plated instruments or 5-valve versions are built to order in about 60 days. 



  • Bell diameter 470 mm (18,504 inch)
  • 5/4 Size
  • Without strap ring and lyre holder
  • Piston valves
  • Bore of valve section 21,2 mm (0,835 inch)
  • Front action
  • Material of mouthpipe—nickel silver
  • Mouthpiece TU33

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