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Miraphone 1281 Petruschka Piston F Tuba in Gold Brass


Item Details

This is a custom version of the Miraphone Petruschka F tuba in all gold brass.  We also specified a main slide tuning trigger so you can tune any note.  It's likely not needed, but it's cool.  This tuba plays nearly right in tune, certainly a benefit of designing all the tubes and tapers from scratch as Miraphone did. 

This tuba has a clear electric attack and a lively tone.  It turns heads and stands out from the yellow brass models.  Response is fast, tone is malleable, no notes are dull or foggy, it's nice all around.  These have less power and projection than the yellow brass Petruschka but more color.  The standard model will feel stable and go the back of the hall.  This one will be livelier with more attack and less volume of tone behind it.  More solo, less bazooka.  Especially in these times, we'll take the former.

Lacquer finish, 5th rotor is standard whole step in C, includes Miraphone mouthpiece and care kit.  Tuning trigger is included here but the Petruschka tuba can be built with most any setup you like.


-without case

-with Miraphone top-loading gig bag

-with Miraphone Winter hard case

-with SKB 385W hard case

-with Glenn Cronkite soft case, black Cordura (one only)

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