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Miraphone 1272 Piston BBb Tuba

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The 1272 is a smaller BBb tuba made by Miraphone in Waldkraiberg, Germany.  The 1271 uses the same size body as the Miraphone 282 BBb tuba, but this model features piston valves instead of rotary valves.  The tuba is about a7/8 size: smaller than a full size 4/4 tuba, but larger than a diminutive 3/4 tuba like a Josef Lidl or Yamaha 621.  With the Miraphone, you get a strong low and end projection, but the compact size is nice for travel, stand up work, small orchestra pits, or just for compact size people who don't care to be overwhelmed by a large oversize tuba.

The graduated bore is a nice feature, as the low range on a small to medium size tuba can be much improved with a valve set designed this way.  The larger diameter fourth valve, which is used mainly in the very low range, allows a more open blow when several valves are used in combination.

The 1272 is designed to have all slides easily available to the player to adjust pitch in the low range, and most slides have a very long pull.  With a bit of practice, all notes down to the low C above the pedal Bb can be readily played in tune.

This tuba is sold without case, but we can offer the MTS 1204V hard case, the Winter/Miraphone hard case, the Miraphone soft case or the Glenn Cronkhite soft case as you prefer.  Please contact us for a quote.

The 1271 tuba is built to order in 60 days with your deposit.


  •     bell diameter 420 mm (16.535")
  •     443 Hz
  •     piston valves
  •     bore of valve section conical 18.8 - 19.6 mm (0.74 - 0.772")
  •     front action
  •     material of mouthpipe: nickel silver
  •     mouthpiece TU17

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