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Kanstul 2-Piece B-Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Top

$29.99 $80.00

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We have the last several mouthpiece top components from Kanstul's Bach Series 2-piece trumpet mouthpieces.  These are replicas of historic mouthpieces from different eras, delicately scanned and adjusted to perfection with their auto-cad system.  The two-piece system allowed independent choices of cup and backbore, similar to Warburton.

  • 3B Bach 3B 13.00 cup diameter, medium deep, fairly large cup, medium wide rim
  • BNY7E Bach New York 7E 16.20mm cup diameter, shallow version of the 7C, medium wide rim
  • BMV7EW Bach Mt Vernon 7EW - popular piccolo trumpet cup, 16.20mm cup diameter, shallow cup, same as 7E but with wider cushion rim

These Kanstul tops will mate with threaded backbores made by Kanstul or James New.

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