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Hetman Tuning Slide Lubricant 10 Grease


Item Details

Hetman® Slide Grease Lubricants are designed for tuning slides and valve slides that are normally maintained in position once adjusted. The choice of several unique, nontoxic products allows for smooth, air-tight performance of both tight and loose fitting slides:

    10 Musical Instrument Grease

    A multi-purpose musical instrument grease for brass and woodwinds.  This unique product features a nontoxic, synthetic lubricating grease packaged in a 10cc jar or a convenient, sealable, dispensing syringe. Applications include: flat springs and tracks (bronze & steel), pivot screws, clamp screws, wing screws, sax neck screws, linkage joints, lever hinges, ball joints, and threads (valve stems, valve caps and screw bells). In addition to superior wear protection and extreme pressure performance, this plastics-safe, synthetic grease is waterproof and helps to prevent rust. Available in 10cc jar or 10cc syringe applicator

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