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Hamilton KB510 Classic Trombone or Trumpet Stand


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The Hamilton trombone stand has been in production for half a century.  Now imported from Vietnam(!), the quality is the same:  steel, chrome finish, replaceable small parts.

The included hex wrench allows you to adjust the height of the pedestal.  A little grease on the knob threads will help reduce wear. 

Designed for tenor trombone, this stand works for alto and soprano trombones and also for trumpets and flugels.  Trumpeters seeking an instrument stand for a stand-up gig find this Hamilton KB510 to be useful due to the extra height.

I have used these stands for bass trombone, but it's a fairly lightweight stand and you'll want to be careful, lest you see a disaster unfold in slow motion as your trombone tips over.  (True story.)  For most secure tromboning, align the axis of the trombone body so it's next to one leg rather than the unsecured "opposite the leg" stance.  Also adjust the stand height so the hand slide just about touches the floor when the trombone is placed on the stand.  I used to leave the slide lock off and let the end bumper rest on the floor.

The Hamilton stand legs are not super strong; don't tread on them.  :-/



Weight: 39 oz., 1.1 kg

Min height folded: 22 in., 56cm

Max height assembled: 33 in., 84 cm

Base diameter assembled, 22 in., 56 cm


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