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Doodle Studies and Etudes by Bob McChesney, ed. Richard Fote


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A complete course of study using doodle tonguing for the slide trombone, with demonstration and play-along CD.

Ed. Richard Fote.  c 1992; revised 2002.

Internationally renowned trombonist Bob McChesney is a product of the Baltimore, Maryland public school music programs, and is primarily a self-taught virtuoso. He developed a technique by which he could play fast groupings of notes on the trombone that sounded like a saxophone or trumpet.  At the time (when he was a child), he didn't know that the technique was known as 'doodle tonguing', and has since written this treatise on the subject.  This technique is not intended to replace standard methods of trombone articulation, but is a technique that can add another dimention to the trombonist's performance.  once fully learned, it can be combined with single tonguing, double and triple tonguing, 'against the grain' playing or any other articularions to make up an overall personal style of playing. 

McChesney has become an internationally recognized soloist of both jazz and classical repertoire.  He demonstrates an organized way to approach jazz improvisation, and discusses how to create interesting jazz solos, use of computers, and career strategies.  As the author of Doodle Studies and Etudes, Bob gives first-hand demonstrations, explanas and feedback to trombone students on this important fast-legato technique.

"...I highly recommend it to all serious students of the trombone."   - Bill Watrous

"Precisely the exercises I would have a student do."     -  Carl Fontana

"For a classical player like myself, this source is terrific..."    -  Joseph Alessi




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