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daCarbo TML Bb Trumpet with Carbon Bell

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The daCarbo trumpets are unique in all the world.  Made in Switzerland, these feature bells made of carbon fiber, wit metal valve sections, leadpipes and trim.  These are designed to have an acoustical advantage over all-metal trumpets.  The advantages of a carbon bell include more open high range, more projection, more stability of tone, less resistance when slurring between harmonics dents.

This new trumpet TML is based on the daCarbo model "Toni Maier" (played by Toni Maier, Arturo Sandoval, Roy Hargrove.....) and extends the sound spectrum of the daCarbo trumpets. The nickel silver lead pipe shapes the sound to balanced brilliance without limiting the flexibility. This trumpet plays easily, remains very open in the upper register and meets the highest professional demands.

The optimization of the production line allows an attractive price for a professional, durable, Swiss Made precision instrument, where every single detail is painstakingly checked.

  • Precision valve block, ML bore
  • Carbon fiber bell with brass rim. Ø 139 mm (5.47'')
  • Nickel silver leadpipe
  • Nickel silver inner slides
  • Clear lacquer accentuates the natural colors of the materials
  • Gard Bags Elite case
  • Reverse tuning
  • Round tuning crook
  • 2 Amado water keys

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