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Bremner Sshhmute Practice Mute for Tenor Trombone

$75.00 $102.00

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New from New Zealand is this very compact plastic practice mute with a new rounded shape.  This is the Mark II version, which is a good fit for all tenor trombones. Black with red trim, it is very soft in volume, very light. Blows openly and gives good feedback of sound, definitely a winner.

The old versions of this mute also fit bass trombone, but this new design only fits tenor.  it fits best in tenor trombones with larger bells. 

This is one of my favorite mutes.  It's not as light or tiny as the Best Brass, nor is it quite as quiet as the Silent Brass.  But it does everything well.  The resonance makes it easy to hear but not too loud, it blows easily and close to pitch throughout the range, it's not stuffy or overly resistant.  Two thumbs up. - Steve

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