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Alexander 163 6V Rotary CC Tuba Used


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This is a beautiful one of a kind CC tuba built by Alexander in Mainz, Germany.  Their 163 CC tuba has been the standard model for many years, and this is the latest modern design.  Usually we offer CC tubas with five valves, but this one has six because if five is good, six is better.  With the Alexander .808" bore, I don't think you'll notice any extra resistance.

Other unusual features include the gold brass bell which is unlacquered.  The leadpipe is mounted away from the bell, and it has no lyre or strap mounts, all to keep the bell as resonant as possible.  The rest of the tuba is coated in clear baked epoxy lacquer.

The tuning is fascinating.  The top rotor on the left hand is a long half step, also a half step in G.  Use it to add a half step to most any other valve combination.  The lower rotor on the left hand is a long whole step a whole step in G, almost 1-2 in CC.  Both fifth and sixth together equal two whole steps, 2-3, like the old style Miraphone fifth valve tuning, thew same as the second rotor on most bass trombones.

So this is like five valve CC tuba with choice of three different tunings for your fifth valve.  I think with this tuba you can do anything, like zombo.com.

And the 4+2 setup is nice so your right hand can relax a bit without your right thumb in play. 

Includes a gorgeous all leather Glenn Cronkhite soft case.  Mouthpiece sold separately.

The 163 was just ultrasonically cleaned and tuned up by Paul Klintworth.  Everything works as new.  One tiny ding in bell, some evidence of a small dent removed from bottom bow, some tarnish on the tuning slide ferrule are all that I see.

I played it and fell in love.  It's big, it's light for its size, it's lively with a gorgeous big round tone.  Pitch seems right on all over the horn.  This is a new-school 163, right in tune, no slide pulling needed.  But there are lots of slides when you want them.

If you'd like to make an offer on this tuba, please send me a note.

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