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Adams E3 Select Euphonium


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The Adams Custom Series euphoniums possess great resonance, huge power and a full even tone across all registers and in all dynamics.  Their standard models are know as Select, but many custom options are available.  Many models are in stock at Adams and can arrive here in the US within a week of your order.  Seabourne and Fedex to the rescue.

Among the reasons Adams euphoniums stand out as some of the great instruments of the world are:

  • Innovative - Handmade - European quality - Style
  • Bauerfeind German piston valves
  • Body handmade in Netherlands
  • 3 different innovative euphonium designs
  • choice of bell material, body and finish
  • adjustable mouthpiece receiver
  • Marcus Bonna lightweight case ($$$) is included

E3 Select Specifications

  • Select: this is the standard model
  • Bell: Yellow brass
  • Finish: Silver plate
  • Diameter: 305 mm
  • Bore: 1st, 2nd, 3th valve: 15 mm, 4th valve: 16 mm
  • Gauge: 0.60 mm
  • Adjustable gap mouthpiece receiver, large shank
  • Marcus Bonna fiberglass case in black nylon
  • Includes Hetman and Monster lubricants and Adams polishing cloth
  • Includes grime gutter for pistons 1-3
  • Mouthpiece is sold separately


The E3 euphonium is the latest model to be added to the Adams euphonium range. The instrument has 4 compensated valves and a 305 mm diameter bell. It has a different lead pipe, bell flare, bracing and bows compared to the E1 euphonium. Ideal for brass band players who are looking for a darker sound and great core stability. 

Adjustable Receiver

It seems crazy.  It is not.  I deem it good.  Simply loosen the small screw, then turn the threaded receiver to increase or reduce the gap between your mouthpiece and the leadpipe.  This is quite remarkable.  You can fine-tune the fit of any mouthpiece to find the sweet spot.  I noticed it as I tested the horn pictured above.  Especially the low G 1-2, you can dial that in to be centered, or if mis-adjusted, it's sort of foggy.

My favorite mouthpiece I tried on this Adams E3 is the Robert Tucci 6C.  Others nearly as good:  Wick 4AL, Tucci 7C, Ferguson 2, Faxx 51D. - Steve Ferguson

Build your own?

If you would like to configure your own E3 euphonium to your personal preferences, Adams will custom build your instrument.  Custom models usually cost 10-20% more depending upon options.

Options include...bells of different weight or gold brass or Sterling silver, polished or brushed finish, gloss or matte lacquer, antique finish, main slide tuning trigger.

Adams often has a variety of custom euphoniums in stock.  If you'd like something unusual, please ask for an in-stock list.

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