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Conn 14H Tenor Trombone with 44H Vocabell Used


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This is a Conn 14H tenor trombone with an unusual rimless style bell borrowed from a Conn 44H Vocabell trombone.  Some is lacquered, some is raw brass.

I sent this to Brass Mavens, who resoldered a brace, improved the slide action, and gave the horn a full cleaning.  This is new a terrific trombone, I'm quite surprised how much nicer it plays after the tune-up.  It's weird, but it's not expensive and plays great.  The Vocabell means the sound is really lively and right near you, it's quite captivating.  If you Ska or Steampunk or SnarkyPuppy, you should have this trombone.  It's fun to play.

Includes either an old King case with the replacement latches mounted upside down (pictured), or includes a brand new Protec MAX case, and I'll toss the King case for you.


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