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Bach 42BOFNLP Stradivarius Custom Tenor Trombone with Open-Flow Rotor


Item Details

For the Scrabble players among us, here's a new Bach 42BOFNLP trombone.  Finished in May 2022, this one arrived because I've been buying Bach bell sections to pair with interesting hand slides in stock.

To decode the 42BOFNLP, this one is a Stradivarius .547" large bore trombone (42) with the new improved Meinlschmidt Open-Flow rotor and new F-attachment wrap (BOF).  The hand slide is a special narrow version, same width as a Conn 88H slide, and it includes 3 interchangeable leadpipes (NLP).

If you follow the development of Bach trombones, this one is the latest fourth generation design.  First was the 42B/42BO, then the 42BG Greenhoe, then the Artisan A47, and now the 42BOF.

The 42BOF has a rotor design and bell bracing similar to a Greenhoe.  It has the compact F-wrap from the Artisan model, and Bach borrows the leadpipe fitting from the Conn 88H Gen II.  Included leadpipes are: standard, open and long open.

I think this will be a nice instrument for a soloist.  The slightly narrower hand slide crook makes the tone more compact sounding than the wide slides do.  The threaded leadpipes also give a clearer attack compared to the standard soldered pipe.  Think how Edwards and Shires trombones play differently than a Bach 42, and this one leans more towards the style of those other guys.  More electric and malleable.

The Open-Flow rotor brings the response of the Bach 42 to another level.  The traditional Bach rotor gives some resistance, and this new rotor design lets you breathe more through the instrument and not push as much.  It takes a little practice to get into the larger feel, but it's much more captivating.

Includes a new Bach hard case which is neither light nor tiny but it's tough and it flies well as checked baggage because it's made to fit the horn exactly.  Includes Bach 341 mouthpiece of your choice.

Custom Options

If you'd like bell only, a different case, a different hand slide, just ask.  This can be packaged as you like it.


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