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Conn 88HTO Tenor Trombone, Used

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This is a Conn 88HTO large bore tenor trombone made in Eastlake, Ohio, USA. The serial number 976682 doesn't offer much info, but this horn was purchased new from The Horn Guys Long Beach store and is about 10 years old.  It's here on consignment because the owner has retired from playing.


This trombone is in very good condition with no major dents or evidence of repairs.  The bell section has a few very tiny dings and surface scratches - normal marks from mute handling, bumping into music stands, etc.  The hand slide action is outstanding - even when dry it's quiet and smooth and only adds a little texture to its action in seventh position.  This slide is as good as nearly any Conn slide, certainly much better than new from the factory - new Conn slides have been completely random and sketchy for decades.  (Me: Conn dealer for 20 years and main slide fusser.)  There are no marks or dents on the end crook.  The F-crook has a few marks.  It happens with these long open-wrap trombones.

The lacquer on the hand slide has faded - you can see in the photos its outer tubes are darker, with some tarnish under the lacquer.  It looks good - just not new, but rather...vintage.  I'm not sure if it was the player's chemistry or maybe repair tech Bruce Belo's hand slide acid dip has worn things.  It's fine, it just gives the horn the look of a veteran instrument.

The trigger linkage is tight, the thumb paddle is adjustable (1/16" hex), it blows through the F-attachment just fine, and the F slide pulls to E if you're playing the occasional bass trombone part.

This Conn plays great.  It's the lighter of Conn's two rose bell choices (T for thin), but it's not tinny sounding.  You can really push it and it projects with a big tone, but it's also centered and clear and nimble - it's not too much work to play.  There's a reason this horn is a classic design, played in orchestras around the world for many years.  The LA Phil, London Symphony, Cleveland Orchestra, San Diego Symphony, come to mind as all-Conn trombone sections for decades.

See the photos for close-up shots of any wear or tarnish.  Overall it's clean, well-playing and mechanically awesome - I recommend you buy it.


  • .547" gold brass (bronze) hand slide in medium width with nickel crook and nickel trim, fixed leadpipe
  • 2-piece 8.5" thin wall rose brass bell, reverse tuning slide, open-wrap F-attachment with pull to E, miniball linkage, adjustable paddle
  • Conn hard case, Bach 341 6-1/2AL large shank mouthpiece with Kanstul tone intensifier ring

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