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Daily Scale Builder for Trombone by Rob Roy McGregor, pub. Balquhidder


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"A book that compliments and extends the scale books already available. This one contains patterns designed to lead the student through greater mastery of the scales from an intermediate level through college.
All the Major and Minor scales are covered in depth, through a variety of formats. Also Chromatic, Whole Tone, Pentatonic, Modes, some Augmented and Diminished patterns. Velocity and Range exercises round it out. Also included is a reference table that shows each Major scale with its Relative Minors in their four forms and a "Circle of Keys" illustration that shows how the keys are related to each other. (56pp)"
     --  Balquhidder Music


"Here's a daily routine that introduces the scales through the circle of fifths. While introducing the minor scales forms of Natural; Relative; and Melodic; McGregor also includes the Dorian mode. Much emphasis is placed on breath control and articulation."
     --  JWPepper.com

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