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Bach Stradivarius Trombone Hand Slides

$1,100.00 $1,350.00

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We have a few replacement hand slides for Bach trombones in stock, including several variations for Bach models 42 and 50.  Other hand slides can be special ordered, usually for delivery in 60 days or less.

Bach 42 hand slides are available in brass or nickle, narrow (Conn) or wide (standard Bach) widths.  Slides may be had with a single fixed leadpipe or a set of 3 threaded leadpipes.  The threaded leadpipe fitting is the same as Conn 88H and 62H Gen II model trombones. 

Bach 50 hand slides are available in brass or nickel, with fixed or set of 3 threaded leadpipes, same Conn threaded leadpipe fitting.

Set of three leadpipes as included with a hand slide

  • Standard
  • Open
  • Long Open

We offer threaded leadpipe adapters by Instrument Innovations to allow your Shires or Kanstul leadpipe to thread into these Bach slides.

Bach 12, 16, and 36 hand slides, if ordered with a loose leadpipe, do not have a threaded fitting.  Instead, the leadpipe has a collar with brass wing nut.  It's not as clean.

These slides are interchangeable:

  • 12 .500" Brass
  • LT12 .500" Nickel
  • 16 .495/.509" Brass
  • LT16 .495/.509" Nickel
  • LT16M .509" Nickel


These slides are interchangeable:

  • 36 .525" Brass
  • LT36 .525" Nickel


These slides are interchangeable:

  • 42 .547" Brass
  • LT42 .547" Nickel
  • 50 .562" Brass
  • LT50 .562" Nickel

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