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Willson 2900 Euphonium

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The Willson 2900 is one of the most popular euphoniums worldwide.  The slightly smaller bell diameter compared to the 2950  lets more of the high frequencies of your tone ring out into the room, adding clarity and crispness of tone.  It also allows some extra ease of travel and case choices.  This is the soloist model.

The 2900 mouthpiece receiver size is fairly rare for a modern instrument.  It's not small shank trombone, it's not large shank trombone.  It's right in the middle.  You might call it Medium/Besson/Willson/Euro size.  Euro shank mouthpieces are available from Denis Wick, Schilke, Giddings and others, however you may face limited size choices whenever you seek such a mouthpiece.  Why is this instrument the most popular?  This receiver and bell size resulted in a perfect fit, the best pitch and an easy response.  One of our former staff plays a Willson 2900 and wouldn't change instruments for anything.

These instruments are difficult to obtain in a short time.  It's usually 6 months for delivery.  We do order a variety of Willson euphoniums for stock throughout the year.

Shown in photos: 2900ST


Standard 2900S Specifications

  • Made in Switzerland
  • Pitch: Bb    
  • Valves: 4 valves, auto-compensating
  • Bore: 15.0 / 16.8mm (0.590" / 0.661")
  • Bell: Seamless yellow brass 3150,  290mm / 11.41"
  • Weight: 4.5kg / 9.9 lbs     
  • Stainless steel pistons are non-corrosive
  • Rubber silencers and nylon valve guides for noise-free action
  • 4 stainless steel valves with valve springs underneath   
  • Innovative water key rubber to reduce interruption of air flow
  • 3 water keys
  • Convenient hand rest  
  • Water catchers          
  • clear acrylic tuning trigger guard
  • Willson 51D-2 mouthpiece, made in Germany
  • MTS hard case, made in USA



2900S:  Standard model, silver plate, medium receiver

2900ST:  Same as 2900S but with main slide tuning trigger

2900BTS:  Same as 2900S but with bass trombone receiver

2900BTST:  Same as 2900S but with bass trombone receiver and main slide tuning trigger

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