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Alexander 151 Rotary Bb Tenor Tuba


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This is the top-rated tenor tuba in the world. If you need to play some Strauss, this is your baby. Hand made in Mainz, Germany, it is available in several configurations. Our favorite is built all gold brass with clear lacquer. It has 5 rotary valves, with two tuning slides for the fifth valve in order to tune it to a flat half step or a flat whole step. All valves are right hand. A lightweight Winter hard case is included. Also, we can offer a basic version in yellow brass with four valves, unlacquered and without case for a lower price, but we think this premier version is worth the extra charge both for style and versatility.

While we think of this as a purely orchestral instrument, it can do anything. Charles Nickels, a fine player in the military bands, came to try euphoniums for a new euphonium position he'd just won. We assumed he'd find a piston model for his needs. But when he played this Alexander, he sounded just like Oystein Baadsvik would on an Eb tuba. It was so much more exciting to hear this Alexander than any of the piston euphoniums. There is a character of sound that's simply electric. Needless to say, Mr. Nickels went home with the Alex.

This is an instrument that may take some time to get along with. It's not a stable, deep, baritone-like easy blow. This Alex is feisty, and has some quirks like a rotary F or CC tuba might have. But with a little time and finding the right mouthpiece and setting, we think you'll find this to be your favorite compared to all the heavy piston models out there. I have acoustically sleeved some of these to improve the low F response, but not all of them needed it.


  • All gold brass body
  • Clear lacquer finish
  • Five valves
  • Two fifth rotor slides in half step and whole step lengths
  • JK mouthpiece
  • Sturdy gig bag

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