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GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece


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FL Mouthpiece Models
GR Flugelhorn Mouthpieces are available with any GR Standard rim and cup diameter.
GR FL Model Flugelhorn Mouthpieces are ideal for most flugelhorn models. They offer a fat velvety tone, outstanding intonation, and an amazingly efficient upper register.
GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Backbores are balanced with each cup volume to produce a characteristic flugel sound with precise intonation.
GR Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Cups are designed to produce a full velvet like sound that can easily be colored. These mouthpieces feature outstanding intonation, common to all GR Mouthpieces, and a very easy upper register.

 FL*** Mouthpiece Models
Similar to the FL models but with 10% more cup volume! If you are looking for the playability of the FL, along with an easy upper register but you want a more velvety sound, the FL*** Models are what you seek.
These models may not play quite as accurately as the standard FL Models but you will be able to color your sound and attacks more easily.

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