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Miraphone 291 Bruckner CC Tuba in Gold Brass - Bell Repaired


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This is a large CC rotary valve tuba for orchestra and other ensembles. It is made of all gold brass with nickel trim.

This particularly tuba received some minor bell damage in shipping and was repaired by Tim's band Instruments in Sacramento.  There are scars (not shown) but it's fine.

This 291 is related to the Miraphone 191 BBb which is also a popular instrument.  The 191 rotary BBb tuba has been a hit for several years now.  It has a huge sound, an easy response, and a monstrous low range.  The large body is wrapped compactly for easy handling, though this isn't the perfect horn for a smaller player due to the large size.  But, it's easily one of the best BBb tubas ever.

The CC version of this style of tuba is known as the 291 Bruckner.  It features a .803"-.835" conical bore, three loop 5/4 size compact body, 18.5" bell, and TU31 mouthpiece.  Options include silver plate or gold brass body.

Included:  Miraphone mouthpiece and lubricants

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