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J. Meinlschmidt Hydro-Jet Cleaning System

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The Hydo-Jet allows you to safely, and effectively clean your instrument with the concentrated power of water. The long and highly flexible cleaning wand is fitted with a special spray nozzle that provides six highly focused and powerful jets of water to blast away accumulated foreign matter. Even the most difficult-to-reach parts of your instrument are easily cleaned by the Hydro-Jet.

The Hydro-Jet is very easy to use. It is conveniently fitted with a 1/2" thread that will attach to any standard shower hose - simply replace the hand- held shower head with the Hydro-Jet, and within minutes you will be powering away contaminants form deep inside your instrument.

• Easily attaches to all common shower hoses
• High-powered water jet cleaning through innovative nozzle technology
• Flexible cleaning wand, to reach deep inside your instrument
• Safely and effectively removes contamination

Available for small-bore brass (S1) and large-bore brass (M1) instruments.

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