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Also Sprach Arnold Jacobs by Bruce Nelson, pub. Polymnia Press, distr. Windsong Press


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In addition to being an outstanding musician, Arnold Jacobs undoubtedly was the most influential brass teacher of the second half of the twentieth century. Countless brass (and other) musicians from all over the world traveled to Chicago to study with this master. Additionally, Mr. Jacobs also gave master classes that were popular with students, teachers and professionals in many different locations.

Even if it were all known, it would be impossible to reduce to writing all of the advice Arnold Jacobs gave to thousands of students over a period of almost 70 years. Nevertheless, this book is an attempt to preserve in writing, by topic, the common ideas and variations of those ideas from which so many musicians have benefited. The book comes in six chapters.

Each chapter deals with one central aspect of brass playing:

  • Chapter I: Concepts Fundamental to Development
  • Chapter II: Mental Controls
  • Chapter III: The Vibrating Embouchure
  • Chapter IV: Breathing
  • Chapter V: Articulating
  • Chapter VI: Practicing and Performing
  • Appendix A - "Special Studies" by Arnold Jacobs (reprinted from Hal Leonard Method, 1963)
  • Appendix B - Use of Breathing Devices" (reprinted from Arnold Jacobs: Song and Wind)

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