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Kuhnl & Hoyer Bartok Model Bass Trombone


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Kuhnl & Hoyer not only builds top of the guild brass instruments, they also offer custom models and options by request.  This custom 'Bartok' model bass trombone was built for the bass trombonist of the Munich Philharmonic, Benjamin Appel.

When I saw it, I knew we had to have one.  Arrives January 2024.  I don't know the price - it's probably fair. 

This is the K&H Orchestra Signature model bass trombone with a single rotor to F and fast pull to E, operated by a second trigger.  We all talk about Bartok but there are other reasons to have a bass trombone like this.  The first is light weight.  If you can do nearly anything with a single rotor, you likely have a better playing and easier to hold instrument.  Additionally, there are plenty of other pieces with a low B where it's nice to quickly kick out the F to E and call it good.  Several bass trombones can do that (Bach 50B, Conn 70H/110H, Holton 185), but this K&H does it by remote, on the fly.  Lastly, if you like to play a single valve bass trombone but the music has numerous low C notes, you can kick out the F-slide just a little to have an easier time reaching and playing it right in tune.  Call it "useful flat-F tuning."


  • Handmade in Germany
  • .563" brass hand slide, wide crook, removable leadpipe, curved brace
  • Nickel K&H rotor, open wrap F att., curved brace
  • Trigger-extended Bartok E-slide
  • 240mm yellow brass bell, unsoldered rim, modular attachment
  • Unbraced tuning slide
  • K&H lightweight case
  • Josef Klier mouthpiece
  • Lubricant kit
  • Optional screw bell flare
  • Optional hand rest

Stock model shown in first photo, the details in the other photos are correct for the Bartok model.

Says Herr Appel: “A big thank you to the team at Kühnl and Hoyer. The actual unplayable glissando in Béla Bartók's 'Concerto for Orchestra' from B to F has finally become possible with the trigger on the quart-valve. Here's to unforgettable concerts with excellent sound!"

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