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Best Brass Pixie Straight Mute for Bass Trombone

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The tonal projection of the Straight mini is unpredictably powerful and second to none. Straight mutes often have to reach an audience acoustically, without the aid of amplification. You will be surprised at how far the sound will carry, with less metal restricting the airflow from the bell.

Note – this mute will sound quieter to the player than a regular sized straight mute. But try playing up against the wall, or having a friend listen out in front of you. They will be amazed by the amount of volume and projection.

As with all Best Brass mutes, pitch is uncompromised. Through years of research with e-Brass and the Warm-up, Best Brass feels that they have achieved a mute that plays well in tune in any register with this compact size. ( It may not accept an extreme size bell. ) All trumpet players need a good straight mute in their arsenal, so why not choose one that sounds great, plays in tune, takes up less room in your case, and most of all maintains the uncompromising quality of the Best Brass name.

This is a revolutionary small aluminum straight mute that fits inside your horn, inside the case. This makes for easy travel. You'll find the same tone in this smaller mute as a standard straight mute. It also looks to be a nice fit in an Eb trumpet.

Material: Aluminum
Weight: 157(g)
Extends from bell Approx. 10 mm

Bass trombone mute shown is the largest mute in the picture.

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