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Marcus Bonna Baby Soft Case for Bass Trombone


Item Details

This is a new case for bass trombone.  It's compact and lightweight with its half fiberglass shell, half soft shell construction.  Made in Brazil by Marcus Bonna, the "Baby" design holds the hand slide slide securely underneath the bell section. 

The photos show a Bach 50AF3 trombone inside.  The bottom half of the case in which the horn rests has an all fiberglass shell including the sides and the bell flare.  The fastening strap holds the components securely to the shell.  The top half of the case is fabric and firm foam, and given some care should protect your instrument very well.  It's light to carry and compact for travel.  Consider this to be hand luggage.  Like most other Bonna cases, this is not designed for baggage handlers.

Shown in black nylon and cationic grey nylon.  Available in your choice of singe or two-tone colors.  The cationic nylon has been modified chemically to make the fibers receptive to basic dyes.  This gives the stone-wash look in your choice of several colors.

Includes backpack straps and mouthpiece pouch, small storage inside, music pocket outside.

Weight: 7.1 lbs, 3.2 kg

Dimensions: 11 x 13 x 36", 28 x 33 x 92 cm

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