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B&S Perantucci 3099/2/W (PT-10) 5V Rotary F Tuba


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This is a B&S F tuba I bought from Hornboerse.  Made in Germany, this 5 valve rotary tuba is Perantucci approved and ready for your solo tour.  You can see Doug Tornquist and John Noreyko testing and discussing this instrument on their Conical Supremacy podcast.


  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Bore diameter: 19-21mm
  • Bell diameter: 420mm
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Size: 6/4 size
  • Rotors: 5
  • Case: B&S gig bag
  • Mouthpiece: Robert Tucci RT-64 or your choice

    This is a terrific example of the PT-10.  Pitch is right on, high notes soar, it's nimble and projects.  Doug said, "This is an incredible audition and recital tuba, I want it.  I'm playing F tuba exclusively for brass quintet music these days, so I'm using a larger piston instrument.  Otherwise I would need to have this."

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