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Tenor & Alto Trombone Mutes


Alto Trombone Mutes

Denis Wick DW5522 Alto Straight Mute

Nicely made lightweight aluminum straight mute, also fits flugelhorn $50

Denis Wick DW5535 Alto Practice Mute

The above mute is also available in a practice version, with small holes drilled to allow air to escape, and full coverage cork around the top. Very light mute. $50


Tenor Trombone Straight Mutes

Humes & Berg Stonelined 151 Straight

A fiber mute with the classic sound, very mellow, can be too soft for some modern playing, but it's inexpensive. If the music calls for "Robinson Mute", this is the one to use. 111g $28
Tom Crown Aluminum

Highly polished aluminum straight mute, light weight, very open playing, sounds louder because of thicker corks, which some folks might like to file, soft metal is not dent resistant. 165g $61
Tom Crown Aluminum with Copper Bottom

Same as above, but more sizzle in the sound, nice mute, easily dented, be careful. 243g $75
Denis Wick DW 5505 Aluminum
Nice light weight aluminum mute, thinner corks, Steve uses this one $50
Denis Wick DW5552 Wood


Very stylish and lightweight wooden straight mute, softer, mellower sound, best fit in larger horns $76
Jo-Ral Aluminum


Aluminum mute, similar to Wick, but heavier, a little taller, more dent resistant, brushed finish. 160g $68
Jo-Ral Aluminum with Brass Bottom

Aluminum with brass bottom $81
Jo-Ral Aluminum with Copper Bottom


Aluminum with copper bottom $81


Tenor Trombone Cup Mutes
Humes & Berg Stonelined 152 Cup
This fiber mute gives the classic cup mute sound. Low notes around low G are only OK, may need corks filed or a 1/8" hole drilled in the end for better low playing, but it's the right sound, and we all put up with it. This is THE cup mute to get for dance band gigs. When Joe Alessi came to town to do a master class and recital, he needed to borrow a cup mute. Never mind that he founded Jo-Ral mutes, but Bill Booth handed him his older-than-dirt looking Stonelined cup mute. You should have seen the look that Joe gave him. It was priceless. 197g $36
Humes & Berg 154 Mica Mute
Popular studio cup mute is similar to the above in the fiber construction. This Mica version includes a large rubber ring around the cup, and soft red flocking inside $38
Denis Wick DW5529 Aluminum
Light aluminum adjustable cup, can be closed for soft practice playing, very light but new models are tougher than older, thinly made ones. Great low range, more sizzle than the fiber mutes $70
Jo-Ral Aluminum
Similar to Wick but heavier, comes in two tenor sizes, large fits most horns. Small fits? Hmm, maybe a Bach 6, but none of our horns. We stock the large size only, which fits all tenor trombones, small to large.  Cup is also adjustable, 260g $87


Tenor Trombone Bucket Mutes


Soulo Tenor Trombone Mute

Soulo's trumpet bucket mute has become very popular in the past couple of years, and now they add tenor and bass trombone models.  The tenor trombone mute fits trombones with up to 8" bell.  The bass trombone mute fits 9.5-10" bells.  These looks to be smartly updated versions of the classic Finch mutes from San Diego.  Metal bell rim hooks are coated to prevent scratching of the bell rim.  It's easy to use: simply hang the mute by the two small hooks, then use your thumb to slide the third hook onto the bell rim. Tenor


Humes & Berg Stonelined 158 Small Tenor, 7.5"
The classic bucket sound, clips on the bell, be sure to get exactly the right size, though you can bend the clips to fit your bell better. Clips are coated with cloth tape and should not harm your bell. This is the most popular size for jazz horns 258g $33
Humes & Berg Stonelined 160A Large Tenor 8"
This 8" mute uses a larger housing.  In fact, it's the same mute that's sold for 8" and 8.5" bells, but the tabs are bent further out for the 8.5".  Many players with an 8" bell use the smaller and lighter 7.5" mute, above, and they just bend the tabs out a little bit.  Be gentle, so you don't break the rivets.  269g $36
Humes & Berg Stonelined 160B Large Tenor 8.5"
Same as above, but tabs are spread wider for 8.5" bell. 269g $38
Jo-Ral Tenor Aluminum
New style bucket mute plugs in like a big straight mute, nice sound, too heavy for some.

2 sizes:

Small for 8" and smaller bells TRB8S 271g

Large for 8.5" symphonic bells TRB8L 296g

Neoprene hat, hung over the bell, gives a great bucket sound, designed by LA trombonist Ira Nepus. Can be put all the way over the bell for practice mute sound. Easy on/off, light, sounds great, versatile. This mute weighs virtually nothing and slips on and off very quickly and silently, interesting range of bright colors. 65g

For 7"-7.75" bells - order Small Tenor

For 8"-8.5" bells - order Large Tenor

Watch a video of the Softone mute in use
Softone mute
Softone mute in practice position
Softone in bucket position

Assorted Tenor Trombone Mutes:  solotone, pixie, wa-wa-, buzz-wow

Humes & Berg Stonelined 153 Solotone

The classic sound for Tommy Dorsey and "Song of India". Used in '30's-'40's music and some stage shows. When music calls for the "Shastock" mute, use this mute. Also known as the "Clear tone" mute $43

Humes & Berg Stonelined 163 Pixie

This small metal straight mute is designed for use when you are doing plunger work, but still need a straight mute type sound for softer playing. $48
Humes & Berg Stonelined Buzz-Wow
An unusual mute, looks like a cup, but has metal disks inside that buzz, used by Frank Rosolino on occasion. Fun to play, has attributes of bassoon, and humming through waxed paper and a comb. File the corks and remove some of the washers for a louder buzz. 279g

Update: 5/17/2010  This is a really fun mute, but we're very sorry to say that it looks to be discontinued.


Harmon Wa-Wa
The original wa-wa mute, used in many shows. Steve's favorite brand. 232g $55
Jo-Ral Wa-Wa
Similar to above, slightly mellower sound. 253g $87

Tenor Trombone Practice Mutes


Best Brass Warm-Up Mute

This new mute is designed by Shinji Hamanaga, the inventor of the Yamaha Silent Brass System.  It is so small that it fits completely inside the bell, allowing you to store it inside when the horn is in the case.  Incredibly lightweight at 60g (75g for bass trombone), you hardly notice it's there.  It plays well throughout the entire range, and is very quite.  Though pricey, it's much more comfortable that a larger mute to use for long periods of practice.

The first photo shows both the tenor and bass trombone Warm-Up mutes.  The second photo shows them in relation to a typical trombone straight mute.


Best Brass Warm-Up Jr. Mute

Coming soon:  a lower priced version of the above made of ABS.  Weight: 58g.  Stay tuned for details.  ETA: November TBA

Best Brass E-Mute


The newest addition to the Best Brass line is a complete portable soundproof practice studio.  Listen to your sound through earphones (included) so you won't over blow.  Add resonance with a choice of 3 settings.  A metronome is built in, and you can plug in a CD or Ipod for play-along practice.  It's pricey, but not much heavier than the standard Best Brass Warm-up mute.  This does protrude out of the horn a bit, so it won't store inside the bell in the case.  This a well-made lightweight alternative to the Yamaha Silent Brass mute. $239
Yamaha Silent Brass SB5XC Complete System

Black plastic mute in a modern shape has a small microphone inside, which connects by the included wire to a mixing box with volume and reverb controls, and to earphones. It's a great idea in that you are less likely to over blow the mute since you can hear your sound so easily through the amplification. Also available as mute only, model PM5X, for $130. $200
Denis Wick DW5527 Practice Mute
This is the lightweight Wick straight mute with extra cork and a hole in the end. Almost as quiet as the Yamaha, but lighter and cheaper. 154g $51
Bremner Ssshhh Practice mute
New from New Zealand is this very compact plastic practice mute with a new rounded shape.  This is the Mark II version, which is an excellent fit for all tenor trombones. Black with red trim and cloth bag, it is very soft in volume, very light. Blows openly and gives good feedback of sound, definitely a winnerThe old versions of this mute also fit bass trombone, but this new design only fits tenor.

If you have several sizes of trombones, and wish one practice mute would fit, we also have the original Bremner Mark I tenor trombone mute, which we find is the best fit in bass trombones and French horns.  It will of course fit most tenor trombones.  The new Mark II tenor trombone mute does not fit bass trombone.  If you wish to use one mute for all your trombones, start with the Mark I.