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French Horn Mouthpieces

Mark Atkinson - Giardinelli - Farkas - Moosewood - Faxx
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Moosewood French Horn Mouthpieces
Thomas Greer in Arizona makes the fine line of Moosewood mouthpieces. All of the Moosewood mouthpieces are hand crafted the old fashioned way - a few at a time. The A & C model cups are designed specifically for Kruspe and other large throat Horns (a great piece for Hoyer 6800 and 7800 series).  Rims have standard Giardinelli threads.

Thomas also makes a series of Dell'osa cup copies which are on special order only.

Here's a list of what we stock at all times; these are his most popular sizes.

Moosewood Cups - $105

Model Bore Depth Backbore Description
A 11 23.7mm A Medium dark sound without sacrifice of tone. Classic mouthpiece design.
AH 12 Deep V custom Dark, from original 1928 Anton Horner mouthpiece, deep double cup. Huge tone, limited edge. Also excellent in Natural Horns.
AL 2 Deep V custom Largest cup
B 12 21.4mm A Most popular Moosewood cup, medium size, original Thomas Greer design.
BD 20 medium shallow D Descant horn, for Baroque and chamber work.
BV (B16) 16 21.4mm A Bill VerMeulen cup.
BW 12 21.4mm A Similar to model B, but with large diameter cup. Wide open sound and very free blowing
C 8 25.4mm A Modeled after a 1950 original James Chambers mouthpiece. Excellent in Kruspe style horns.  Dark, powerful, esp. good choice for orchestral/studio playing
C "NSP" 1 25.4mm custom All-time secret formula. Smoothest-responding studio mouthpiece on the planet.
D 6 28.5mm A Very deep, smaller cup volume than model AL. Very flexible.
E 5 medium A Medium cup with large bore, ideal orchestral and studio mouthpiece.  Very quick response, powerful Fortes, easy Pianos.
JA 8 medium A Jim Atkinson cup.  Favorite solo mouthpiece of this well-known LA studio musician. Farkas cup variant.
JB       Dell'Osa style as made for John Barrows
L 8 medium deep L (original long bore) Jeffrey Lang (Philadelphia) Model, Medium-deep Chambers variant. Flexible & potent.
MJ       Dell'Osa style Mason Jones cup


Moosewood Rims - $55

Model Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Rim Thickness Description
M1 Medium 17.15mm Medium Narrow Medium 3.8mm Dave Stoller, medium curved
M2 Medium 17.15mm Medium Med. Thin 3.7mm Cushion rim, medium curved
M4 Medium Wide 17.5mm Medium Wide Medium 4mm Bill Vermeulen rim, medium curved
M5 Medium Wide 17.5mm Medium Wide Medium 4mm Medium concave rim contour
M6       Medium round
N Medium 17.15mm Narrow 24mm Narrow 3.5mm Narrow round
R1 Narrow 17mm Narrow 24mm Round Round inner edge, narrow
R2 Medium 17.3mm Medium 24.7mm Round Round inner edge, medium
R3 Wide 18mm Wide 25.4mm Round Round inner edge, wide
R4       Round inner edge
R5       Round inner edge
W4       Wide, thin
W6       Wide, medium thick


Mark Atkinson French Horn Mouthpieces

Mark Atkinson Cups

These fine two-piece mouthpieces are made in Burbank, California.  Rims and cups are sold separately, and prices vary depending on model.  



C $95 This is the New York style mouthpiece, based on a 1948 James Chambers mouthpiece.  It has a deep bowl cup, and is excellent for orchestral and studio playing.

The C-1 uses a back-bore reamer obtained from Vince Derosa, which feels like a C-8, but is much more efficient.

Bore size-inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.79mm thru 4.50mm
Cup Depth: Deep Bowl

B $95 This is the Cleveland style mouthpiece, based on an old Giardinelli from Myron Bloom.  It's deeper than a C, with a deep bowl cup.  Has a very rich sound.

Bore Size-Inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.79mm thru 4.50mm
Cup Depth: Deep Bowl

D $95 This is the Philadelphia style mouthpiece, which has a deep German V-cup, and is based on a popular mouthpiece made by Vincent Dell'osa, who was a renowned brass technician in Philadelphia in the 1930's and beyond.

Bore Size-inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metic: 5.79mm thru 4.50mm
Cup Depth: Deep German V Cup

D2 $95 The deepest of all Philadelphia style Dell'osa mouthpieces, recommended for players who need extreme volume.  This mouthpiece plays very loud when necessary.  Made for Ward Fern of the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra.

Bore Size-Inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.79mm thru 4.50mm
Cup Depth: Extra Deep German V Cup

G $95 This is the Geyer Chicago model, and is medium depth, which produces a clear, vibrant sound.  It is comparable to Holton MDC & Schilke 32.  Mr. Geyer was a renowned horn and mouthpiece maker in Chicago in the 1920's.

Bore Size-Inch: 8 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.05mm thru 4.50mm
Cup Depth: medium

G2 $95 The G2 is a Geyer style with a deep bowl cup, which allows more volume and projection, and also gives a warmer and darker sound for a live hall.  

Bore Size-Inch: 8 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.05mm thru 4.50mm
Cup Depth: Deep Bowl Cup

V $95 This is the descant cup, which is shallow for more secure high register playing.

Bore Size-Inch: Special Order
Bore Size-Metric: Special Order
Cup Depth: shallow Cup

O $95 This is the orchestral cup, similar to a C, but with better control at softer dynamics, deep cup.  Inspired by John Cerminaro of the Seattle Symphony.

Bore Size-Inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.79mm thru 4.50mm

CC $95 This is the cantata cup, also inspired by John Cerminaro, which is a medium cup for chamber music and situations requiring a more compact sound.

Bore Size-Inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.79mm thru 4.50

DR $95 This is the Vince DeRosa model, for that classic Los Angeles studio and symphonic sound, which is similar to a Giardinelli Chambers cup, but it's modified like an Anton Horner model.  Enhances center and projection in large bell horns.

Bore Size-Inch: 1 thru 16 Drill
Bore Size-Metric: 5.79mm thru 4.50


Mark Atkinson Rims

Prices are for silver plate rims.  Gold rims add $25



O.D. Inch
I.D. Inch
O.D. mm
I.D. mm
1 $60 0.975 0.684 24.76 17.37 good cushion, slight inside bite
2 $60 0.975 0.670 24.76 17.01 wide rim, slightly flat on top
3 $60 0.975 0.685 24.76 17.40 wide semi-flat, good cushion, popular European rim
5 $60 0.975 0.675 24.76 17.15 wide rim, very rounded
B $75 0.938 0.670 23.83 17.02 narrow rim, strong inside bite, Bloom model, good clear attack and staccato
DR $75 0.998 0.680 25.35 17.27 very rounded, excellent curve, wide rim, good clear attack and staccato, DeRosa model
A $75 0.945 0.673 24.00 17.09 semi-narrow, slight inside bite, "Aintezten" model, for players whose lips rest "on" the rim, good clear attack and staccato
E $75 0.940 0.675 23.87 17.14 narrow rim, slight inside bite, "Einzetzen" mode, for players whose lips rest "in" the rim, good clear attack and staccato


Giardinelli French Horn Mouthpieces

Two-piece models - limited availability: C1, C10, C12 in stock, $40 !!!!

We also have threaded "C" rims in stock in silver plate - $20 each.  These rims fit many other threaded mouthpieces


Farkas French Horn Mouthpiece

Farkas MC medium cup, silver plate $59
Farkas MDC medium deep cup, silver plate $59


Faxx French Horn mouthpieces

These nicely made and bargain priced horn mouthpieces are CNC made in Germany. The machining quality on these is superb, and the price is low. They are perfect for a student or for a school to buy.

Now available: New Faxx French horn sizes: C6, C8, C10, $25 #FAXXFH

2 faxxfh2 Copy of a Conn Constellation, silver plate $25
11 faxxfh11 Copy of a NY Bach 11, silver plate $25
MDC faxx-mdc Copy of a Farkas MDC, medium deep cup, silver plate $25
MC faxx-mc Copy of a Farkas MC, medium cup, silver plate $25